Logo Illustration

MAWUIThis imagery communicates the mission of Move Around With Us Incorporated (MAWUI). It is an illustration that shows amiable hearts connecting with real people in a chain-like manner. People, devoted to offering hope to the lowliest and the loners in our society by carrying them along and ensuring their seeming physical inadequacies are never stumbling blocks to their happiness.

The image defines our motivation – offering both physical and mental help to those who seem to have been left behind by our fast-paced world. Also, creating awareness that policies be made to aid them participate meaningfully and effectively in our communities by offering them the opportunity to live “purpose-driven” and fruitful lives.

This logo shows images of seemingly four different individuals, but they are actually three. A close look shows the person standing at the right side, offering a “HELPING HAND” to another person (brother/sister/neighbor), who cannot stand by himself/herself. The person sitting on the ground shares the same legs with the one standing right in front of him/her, suggesting that the same person who was unable to stand, has now been helped to stand. Having been lifted up, this person is now able to connect to the other who is unable to move around independently, offering him/her the lacking mobility in order to “MOVE AROUND WITH US”.