Who We Are

Move Around With Us Incorporated (MAWUI) is a Non-Governmental (Not-for-Profit) Organization borne out of love for fellow human beings who are less privileged, whose opportunities to thrive in life are limited due to some physical challenges that affect their development and wellbeing.

We are responders to the invitation of Jesus Christ who made the lame to walk (John 5: 2-12), made the crippled whole (Mt 9: 1-8) (Mk 2:1-11), made the dumb speak and the deaf to hear (Mark 7: 31-37), restored sight to the blind (John 9:1-7), healed the sick (Mt 9: 20-22), and even raised the dead (John 11: 43-44). This is the goal MAWUI stands out to promote and realize. MAWUI is a response to the call in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by offering helping hand to these brothers and sisters of ours in our own little ways.